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Medical Document Scanning

Medical Document ScanningWith the dawn of Electronic Medical Records (EMR), the need to digitize patient records is critical. Many medical offices and facilities are now in the process of converting their paper files to digital images in order to improve the quality of patient care while saving time and money. Doctors and medical staff can now efficiently access patient records from virtually anywhere in the world. No more time consuming file searches, missing pages from patient files, misfiling errors, or costly hard copy storage. EMRs are the future of health care, and the future is here.

At Black’s Copy Services, we can scan your existing patient files, converting them to images which can be accessed through your in-house document management system or remotely from any location. Pages can be located in seconds, eliminating the need for time-consuming file searches through drawers and cabinets. The scanned pages can be made word searchable for an even more efficient search of your patient records. Save time, money, and storage space by converting your medical records to EMRs!