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​Serving Miami’s legal and business community since 1969, Black’s is a document and media duplication company specializing in paper and digital formats, high-volume scanning, OCR, large-size and file conversions. Black’s is proud to serve the business and legal community with a full range of document duplication, staffing, technology, and digital storage needs.


Our Services

Trial Graphics & Presentations

At Blackscopy we offer unique perspective. Our team provides creative ideas, innovative solutions and experience. Technology is changing as well as the way attorneys present their cases. Trial Copy provides innovative tools that make easier for you to prepare your case and present your information effectively. Every phase of the creative process is customized to meet the needs of your case. No matter what you need or when you need it you can be confident in our ability to assist you.

Trial Binders Electronic Bates Numbering, Endorsing, Printing & Preparation of Trial Exhibit Binders is one of our expertise. Need 38 binders x 7 sets over the weekend. Call us!


Data Discovery & Document Management

BlacksCopy combines electronic discovery, paper scanning, and printing in one intuitive desktop application. With this powerful tool, you can process multiple drives or a single file, extract text and metadata, and provide detailed reports before processing data. You can filter files by date and type, and you can filter emails by criteria such as From, To, Body, and Subject fields. The built-in, full-text search function enables additional culling and includes advanced features such as fuzzy search and synonym search.

Trial Binders

High-Speed Copying

When you need hard copies of your documents, Black’s provides quick and reliable copying services. We can produce high-quality paper copies ​from your original paper files or digital images. If the originals contain color such as in graphs, photos, charts, etc., we can make color copies as well. Our fast and efficient ​copy service ​is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Once copies have been made, all papers and files are restored to their original format. All clips, staples, rubber bands, and fasteners are put back exactly where they were found in the originals. When hard copies are printed from a flash drive, CD/DVD, or email upload, the hard copies are put together in the most logical format.

​Whether you need one file copied or boxes of documents, let Black’s provide all of your hard copy needs.


Need copies of blueprints or oversize documents? Black’s can provide you with high-quality copies! We can make hard copies from your originals or scan them into digital images. If your blueprints are on a CD/DVD or if you email them to us, we can print out hard copies as well.

​Having trouble searching through your old boxes for blueprints? Have you had blueprints lost or destroyed by water damage, mildew, fire, etc.? Convert your blueprints to digital images to preserve their integrity while saving time and money.

​Once your blueprints are scanned into PDF or TIFF format, they can easily be retrieved in seconds. Our indexing of your blueprints will ensure that they are organized in the most efficient format so finding them is fast and simple. Let Black’s take care of all of your oversize document needs and let go of needless worry over lost or damaged blueprints.


Document scanning is the process in which paper documents are converted to digital images; these images are typically saved in PDF or TIFF file formats. After scanning, the image files are then saved onto a flash drive, CD/DVD, or emailed and then uploaded to almost any computer system. The flash drive or CD/DVD then serves as backup data storage in the event of a computer crash, theft, natural disasters, etc.

​Scanned documents can be located in seconds with the proper indexing, whereby documents are arranged and ordered for easy retrieval. Determining the best indexing strategy depends on the type of files and how they are to be found. Setting up the file structure for optimal searches is critical for user-friendly, fast access. “Word searchable” files also can be created, allowing a search for files containing specific words in any of the documents. This can be a very powerful tool when it is necessary to quickly find documents containing key words or phrases.

Trial Binders

Black’s offers several types of binding for your documents.
Three-Ring Binder – We can add the cover of your choice in front of your binders and add tabs, too.
Spiral Comb Bind – Either choose our standard black comb or select the color of your choice.

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