Trial Graphics & Presentations

At Blackscopy we offer unique perspective. Our team provides creative ideas, innovative solutions and experience. Technology is changing as well as the way attorneys present their cases. Trial Copy provides innovative tools that make easier for you to prepare your case and present your information effectively. Every phase of the creative process is customized to meet the needs of your case. No matter what you need or when you need it you can be confident in our ability to assist you.

Not only will we produce the most compelling graphics to support your case, but we will also handle the trial support. Alive and well in courtrooms today, has increased jurors’ expectations for a more powerful visual presentation of evidence.

Demonstrative evidence services including illustrations, trial boards, photograph scanning and enlargement, PowerPoint presentations.

Presentation Design

Whether you are drafting a complaint or preparing for trial, we create visual presentations that make your best evidence more accessible, persuasive, and memorable. Our highly experienced litigation consultants will give you creative options and ideas to advance your case.

Presentation Technology

With hundreds of trials under their belts, our technology consultants will manage the on-site electronic presentation system, taking the pressure off you to focus on your examination. On cue, they seamlessly display your exhibits and demonstratives. We also provide expertise in areas such as trial logistics, equipment, and video production.

Make your trial presentation look effortless by showing exhibits in a seamless flow and calling up relevant exhibits on the fly. Highlight key facts in evidence Emphasize facts by tearing document sections. Highlight key facts in evidence Emphasize facts by tearing document sections. Zoom in or call out evidence. Compare evidence in overlay or side-by-side presentation. Share your case and collaborate with colleagues, outside counsel, experts witnesses, and other key stakeholders on a centrally stored case.

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